• צילום: רותם לבל

    Opening Show – Groove Party

    Reflecting Israel’s rich diversity and the city’s multiculturalism, the event will bring together outstanding musical legends such as Teapacks and Knesiyat Hasekhel, pioneering bands who have profoundly influenced Israeli musical identity

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  • Photo by Cyclone A
    Several events

    Crazy Girls Save the World

    Director and choreographer Toco Nikaido and her twenty performers are driven above all by one thing – the audience must not be bored for even a single moment

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  • Photo by Brendon Heinst

    Colours of Cultures

    The ensemble’s singularity lies in its in-depth engagement with Austrian composers of the Baroque era, who were deeply influenced by the Italian style and Austrian folk music

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  • Photo by Hugo Gumiel


    FLA.CO.MEN examines the relationship between one of the most essential elements of flamenco – its music, and the body of the flamenco dancer

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  • צילום: דודי סעד

    Classical Music at Eden Tamir

    Set in a beautiful and ancient house, nestled in a picturesque garden in Ein-Kerem, the centre has hosted this magnificent signature musical program curated by Alexander Tamir since the early eighties

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  • צילום: ז'ראר אלון


    An original modern theatrical-operatic treatment of Job's tragic journey, starring Sasson Gabay in the role of Job, Keren Hadar as Job's wife and the actors of The Incubator Theatre

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  • Photo by Lucie Jansch

    Samuel Beckett / Robert Wilson in Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett

    A rare encounter between one of the most celebrated artists and directors of our generation, the inimitable Robert Wilson, and the seminal text of the great playwright Samuel Beckett

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  • Photo by Karin Hofer

    When I Die - A Ghost Story with Music

    Based on the true story of Brown and the music of these long-dead composers, director and musician Thom Luz has created a performance skillfully combining musical, visual and theatrical elements

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  • מבצע כפפות משי

    Operation Silk Gloves

    Ensemble Can invites us to experience the Israel Museum anew, through a performative tour that will reveal elements of the Museum, and the audience wandering about within it, in unexpected and surprising ways

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  • sonicmeditations2

    Sound Charter

    The audience is invited to wander around freely, beginning at the front of the theatre in the Sherover Piazza and ending finally in the Rebecca Crown Hall.

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  • Photo by Pavel Kolsky

    La Putyka / Slapstick Sonata

    La Putyka will present two of its most popular signature shows: Slapstick Sonata and La Putyka

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  • צילום: יונתן דרור


    Unique concert by The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, engaging works inspired by the Book of Psalms

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  • צילום: דויד אולמר

    West of Here – A tribute to Tirza Atar

    Efrat Ben Zur, Dikla, Yuval Dayan, Shlomi Saranga, Nathan Slor and Eran Tzur, will dive into the rich world of Atar’s compositions

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  • Photo by Luca del Pia

    ¿Que haré yo con esta espada? (And what will I do with this sword?)

    Liddell creates a dazzling visual language with which she gradually builds a shattering movement. At its center lies the conceptual-tragic trifecta of beauty-eroticism-death, a journey to the darkest depths of human nature

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  • Photo by Petra Hajska

    Vienna 1709

    Under the artistic direction of internationally acclaimed gambist Petr Wagner, the outstanding Tourbillon ensemble brings a diverse array of composers from the 17th and 18th century to life

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  • Photo by Marc Domage

    Based on a True Story

    The acclaimed choreographer Christian Rizzo places eight male dancers and two rock drummers on one stage. With increasing rhythm in a folkloric-trance-like state

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  • Photo by Sammi Landweer


    Acclaimed veteran Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues uses simple elements from her everyday environment to create the hypnotic storm into which she places her dancers

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  • Photo by Didier Carluccio


    In a gesture of desperation the sculptor, painter and performer Olivier De Sagazan sculpts clay onto his head, burying himself in the material, eradicating his identity and becoming a living work of art

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  • Photo by Gaya's Photos


    A series of site specific performative acts, dynamic displays and video installations will turn over the order of things. Rearranging the space, blurring the roles and relationships between audience and performer

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  • Photo by Gilles Delmas

    The Ferryman (Film)

    Choreographer Damien Jalet and film director Gilles Delmas collaborate to bring us the moving metaphoric and poetic journey of a hybrid figure – half deer half huntsman up a mountain

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  • Photo by Evi Fylaktou


    Using simple objects and the play of light, Euripides Laskaridis creates a wild and humorous solo performance inspired by cabaret, slapstick and vaudeville.

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  • 15.622:15


    Moving between dreamlike pop and progressive rock, marked by lead vocalist Jonas Bierre's melancholic voice, MEW evokes the refreshing sensation of a cool Scandinavian breeze

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  • Photo by Voldserth

    Stian Westerhus

    In his solo performance, Stian “breaks” the music apart, forges then construct it, only to destruct again and indeed finding, the beauty of imperfection in a display of carefully crafted dazzling musical fragments

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  • Photo by PR

    KIASMOS (DJ Set)

    In his DJ set, Rasmussen will focus on minimal-techno beats and playful melodic electronic harmonies, inspired by the unique Nordic electro-pop created by the duo

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  • Photo by Sebastian Frankowski

    A la Turka – A la Franka

    The highly esteemed Sarband Ensemble offers a unique and inspiring combination of early Western music and music of the East that spans from the Ottoman Empire till China

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  • Photo by sally cohn

    DANCE Lucinda Childs (USA)

    Childs delicately and meticulously designs an immortal formalistic performance. In her minimalistic language, she exposes the place where body and form meet: pairs of dancers cross the stage from side to side

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  • YochaiMatos2

    The Light in My Eyes - Yochai Matos

    Light and video installation which examines the relationship between the grandiosity of the theater hall and the transient-contemporary artwork, dictating a new perspective on this space

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  • ארמון בזמן נבל-מחשב

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  • צילום: מלו ציון

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  • צילום: ירדן מאירוביץ

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